hey guys, in this article we will learn how to add a swiped card like the Tinder app (like-dislike-details).

so at the first step, we add the next library from Diolor-GitHub

implementation 'com.lorentzos.swipecards:library:1.0.9'

In the XML code below we define how to display the cards and the buttons ‘like /…

Hello everybody, so this is me Medjadder Aimen, I am a full-stack mobile developer I will be writing my coding stories in Medium such as code snippets and solutions for problems that I face during my journey developing applications and projects. I will be honest that my English is like 6/10 so I will take advantage to improve it here with all of you guys.

don’t hesitate to follow and ask me anything about Android mobile development and larval framework, I will be honored to help you.

thank you.

Medjadder Aimen

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